Miami Beach Pre-Construction Condo Investment

Why Buy A Pre-Construction Condo With Kevin?

  • I am a widely recognized expert in Miami Beach luxury condominiums and pre-construction condos whose years of experience helping buyers purchase the right unit in the right building at the right time can benefit you measurably. For my complete credentials, click here.

  • Since I'm an independent Miami Beach Realtor and not affiliated with any developer, I can help you navigate all your choices, and make an unbiased, well-informed decision that never compromises your objectives. The developer pays my commission, so your purchase price is the same whether you use me or not.

  • I have an excellent reputation and relationship with Miami Beach's condo developers, which can provide you a marked advantage. As a preferred broker, I can be privy to a wider selection of desirable condo units before they're made available to the public and before they sell out.

  • I can help you accurately assess the many variables that determine the potential of a Miami Beach pre-construction condo: location, type, and size of the building, the track record of the developer, the reputation of the architect, the line and floor number of your unit, true resale or rental possibilities, and the right timing for both.

  • I can also help you understand the developer's contract. Developer contracts are very developer oriented and vary by developer. I can help you interpret the things to watch for with your Miami Beach condo purchase: assignability, transfer fee, marketing your unit prior to closing, restrictions and policies, financing and payment schedules, and taxes. I can also advise you on contributions to working capital, maintenance fees, walk-throughs and punch lists, your options and responsibilities at closing, the developer's warranty, and more.

Tell Kevin More About Your Pre-Construction Condo Objectives

Some Miami Beach pre-construction condos sell out in a matter of days or a few weeks! Tell Kevin more about your buying objectives, and sign up for condo announcements now.

Kevin Tomlinson is an independent Realtor associated with Calibre International Realty. Kevin recommends that buyers, sellers, investors and renters of/in real estate consult legal, financial and investment professionals for specialized advice.

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