Miami Beach Condo-Hotels

Is a Miami Beach Condo-Hotel Right For You?

Ask yourself these questions:

Would you enjoy owning a luxury vacation suite or second home with superior amenities at a first-rate Miami Beach resort?

Are you seeking a Miami Beach real estate purchase with the possibility of long-term earnings and appreciation potential?

Does having a nationally recognized, professional management company to market your Miami Beach property when it's not in use sound attractive?

Do you desire to claim your vacation spot in Miami Beach at today's prices and interest rates, before demand drives both up?


Keep in mind that only a handful of Miami Beach condo-hotel properties have been open long enough to offer comparisons for potential buyers, and there's no consensus on whether these types of units make good investments.

The best reason to buy a Miami Beach condo-hotel is to actually use it. When your place is being rented, you may recover some of your costs, but experts say condo-hotels are not likely to be cash cows.

One of the differences between condos and condo-hotels is that condo-hotel unit owners generally don't have all the same voting rights as regular condo owners, nor do they usually have the same access to property books and records. This varies by project, where, in some cases, the Miami Beach condo-hotel could be considered a commercial condo versus a residential condo. Read Mixed-Use Unit Owners In For Surprise.

How do condo-hotels differ from timeshares, fractional ownership properties, and second homes? Compare vacation property types.

Tell Kevin More About Your Miami Beach Condo-Hotel Objectives

Some Miami Beach condo-hotels sell out in a matter of days or a few weeks! Tell Kevin more about your buying objectives, and sign up for condo-hotel announcements now.

Kevin Tomlinson is an independent Realtor associated with Calibre International Realty. Kevin recommends that buyers, sellers, investors and renters of/in real estate consult legal, financial and investment professionals for specialized advice.

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