Invest - Is Pre-Construction For You

Is A Pre-Construction Investment Right For You?

You've already learned about the abundant and compelling reasons why everyone wants a piece of Miami Beach real estate [If you haven't, click here]. One of your most important decisions as a potential buyer is whether to go with a pre-construction condo investment or an existing condo. Seasoned Miami Beach pre-construction condo investors have been known to more than double their money during healthy economic times. Even newcomers have witnessed a 35 to 50 percent appreciation in their Miami real estate during prime market conditions.



  • Are you motivated by the possibility of notable appreciation on your real estate purchase, particularly during a strong economy?
  • Are you seeking an attractive investment alternative?
  • Are you concerned about the diminished availability of premium land in Miami Beach and South Beach?
  • Do you want to ensure your ownership in the best units at the hottest new condos before they sell out and also take advantage of possible free upgrades?
  • Do you desire to get in on today's Miami Beach real estate prices and interest rates before demand drives both up?
  • Does having one to three years to plan for the closing costs on your property sound appealing?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, a Miami Beach or South Beach pre-construction condo investment may make perfect sense for you. But be aware. If you're investing for a quick profit, don't get your hopes up.

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Tell Kevin More About Your Pre-Construction Condo Objectives

Some Miami Beach pre-construction condos sell out in a matter of days or a few weeks! Tell Kevin more about your buying objectives, and sign up for condo announcements now.

Kevin Tomlinson is an independent Realtor associated with Calibre International Realty. Kevin recommends that buyers, sellers, investors and renters of/in real estate consult legal, financial and investment professionals for specialized advice.

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