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[87th to 96th Streets]

The town of Surfside is a beautiful oceanfront community located in a tropical paradise next door to North Beach. With a population of only 4,500, Surfside combines a tranquil, attractive, residential neighborhood with a traditional "home town" shopping district and a number of resorts, hotels and motels which host tourists and other visitors all year round.

The thing that makes Surfside most impressive is its strong and consistent commitment to the quality of life of its residents. Old and new houses are mixed together in a quiet, peaceful and relaxed neighborhood setting. The condominiums and hotels along the oceanfront on Collins Avenue are not permitted to exceed 12 stories.

The efficiency and effectiveness of Surfside's town services is at an all time high. The town's sanitation services are perhaps the very best in America. Trash is collected from all residences, businesses, and public areas six days a week. Emergency police response time is approximately one minute.

Entertainment and recreation programs are offered throughout the year. The town operates on a balanced budget, and the property tax rate has not been increased one bit for more than a decade. This setting has produced pride in the community's record of positive results and achievement in the public interest.

No matter whether you are a long-time resident of the town or a new visitor, one thing ties everyone together while they are in Surfside - you can call it home - and luxury condominium projects like the Waverly Surfside, SoliMar and Azure do.

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